Expressions of advice – 2ème Bac

Expressions of advice – 2ème Bac

Expressions of adviceNote the use of the expressions of advice

[ part lesson]:

  • Should + simple form of a verb
  • Ought + to + simple form of a verb
  • Should + not / shouldn’t
  • Had better + simple form of a verb
  • Had better not + verb in the simple form

And note also that ought not to is usually not used in the negative form.

Respond to the following situations

[ part exercise]:

1-    I would like to improve my English. What should I do ?

2-    I have a problem with my mother-in law.She doesn’t like me.

3-    I find it difficult to give up chatting and surfing the net.

4-    I don’t understand some lessons of Physics.

5-    I worked all day long and now I am feeling exhausted.

6-    Jack is driving too fast !

7-    I always make a lot of spelling mistakes when I write.

8-    I have lost my credit card. May be I forgot the door of the car unlocked

9-    Today is the deadline for paying my heating bill.  


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