Phrasal verbs + Exercices

Phrasal verbs


1-    My brother never backs me up. He always says I am wrong

2-    The car broke down when on our way to Agadir. It took us two days to repair it.

3-    Leila broke off her engagement to Yassine because of some differences in the way of thinking

4-    We’ve been waiting for her for twenty minutes but she didn’t show up.

5-    My mother all the time brings up that matter of my poor school results.

6-    The sky looks a bit cloudy now but I think it will clear up

7-    Ahmed is feeling depressed these days because he asked Maria for marriage but she turned him down.

8-    When I was looking for my passport I came accross these old photographs.

9-    The teacher always asks students to look up difficult words in the dictionary.


10- I said a secret to my friend but to my surprise he gave it away.

11- When the teacher asked the student about the talk he made up a story about being sick during the holiday.

12- The outgoing President G.Bush will hand over authority to Obama next week.



a-    support morally or verbally                      g- arrive

b-    find by chance                                         h- give it or say it to someone

c-    search in a list                                         i-  become fine after rains or clouds

d-    invent from imagination                            j- surrender or give responsibility to …..

e-    reject / refuse                                        k- terminate or finish

f-     mention a topic                                         l-  cease or stop to function properly.


Phrasal Verbs (Pronunciation)


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