Learning English

Learning English

In order to improve their English-outside the classroom-students are recommended to

  • read simplified Novels ,plays and poems with the help of the dictionary [ this is what is called extensiveReading.]
  • Students had better use a monolingual dictionary instead of a bilingual one.

    learning english

    learning english

  • Watch news and films in English on some famous channels like fox movies and BBC news.
  • Listen to English songs for singers like celine Dion, Dolly Parton, Roxette, Madona,Phil Collins and others .
  • Visit some websites for teaching English as a foreign Language like www.englishtown.com and www.kidzone.com.
  • Students should listen to the native speakers of English [on the radio, TV,……]

b- Inside the class, students are strongly advised to

*     Listen carefully to the teacher and ask him to clarify any ambiguities in the lesson.

*     The student should be self-reliant in his learning process.[ use the dictionary, visit

Websites outside for more clarification, ask friends and family …..]

  • Work together with the help of classmates.
  • Prepare Talks about various topics and give them in the classroom
Omar Ait Hnizzi – Lycée IbnBattouta/Aklim 

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