Expressing wishes and hopes

Expressing wishes and hopes

We use wish that+ constructions with would, could, was, were or past tenses to express wishes for unlikely or impossible situations and to express regret.

- A- unlikely situations

– I wish The Arab nations will unite to find a solution to their problems.

– I wish I were a president.

B- Impossible situations

– I wish I had wings to fly high and cruise round the world.

C- Regret ( or feeling sorry for a past action )

– I wish I didn’t fight with my teacher.

D- wish + unreal past ( to express regret about a present situation.)

– I wish I could drive a car.

– I wish I lived in Agadir.

E- to express a wish for the future

– “ I wish my son would write me letters every day” says a mother whose son lives inLondon

E- wish is used to express dissatisfaction for a present situation and a hope for a change in the future.

Eg : I wish they would change the family code one of these days.

– I wish they would stop making bombs.

F- wish is used when a person does not control what he hopes for.

Eg – I wish it would stop raining

–       I wish the train would come soon.

j- for wishes about things that are positive and seem likely in the future,we use hope +that clause with simple present or future will forms

eg – I hope that will spend a nice journey in friwatou

–          I hope that the world does not lose sight of hungry children inAfrica.


 By Mr Omar  


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